• A Premier Training Centre

    • A Premier training centre, first of its kind in Bengaluru with state of the art technology. Passionate to train young surgeons by the experts in the field of minimal access surgery.
    • HIMAS is a single specialty hospital exclusively dedicated to laparoscopic treatment training and research.
    • This Minimal Access Surgery has an outstanding pool of doctors, scientists and researchers to foster multidisciplinary investigation, inspiring new ideas and discoveries.
  • Centre with advanced technology

    • Centre with advanced technology and expert faculty to train young surgeon.
    • Our centre provides platform for the surgeons to train by the fellow surgeons.
  • Passionate to treat all Economical Strata Patients

    • Passionate to treat all Economical Strata Patients : Our centre has Compassionate to treat all economical strata patients with kind and empathy.
  • Our AIM

    • Our AIM is to treat all strata of patient with advanced minimal access surgical techniques and to train young surgeons to provide quality health care.

Welcome to HIMAS

  • HIMAS is a scientific, clinical and educational institute of Laparoscopic surgeons to improve the quality of care for the minimal access surgical patient by setting high standards of Laparoscopic education and its clinical practice.

    HIMAS was established by Dr.Harish. N.S, who is the visionary leader and believed in simple, Fundamental Human values, which is the foundation of HIMAS culture. By the surgeons, for the Surgeons –A safe surgery.