• Laparoscopic Surgeries

    What Is Laparoscopy?

    Laparoscopy, is also called as key hole surgery, minimally invasive procedure, where a surgery performed with a small incision of less than 3mm.

    Laparoscopy uses an instrument called a laparoscope to look into the abdominal organs.

    Laparoscopy allows your doctor to see inside your body in real time, without open surgery. Your doctor also can obtain biopsy samples during this procedure.

    If the patient operated through laparoscopic technic the recovery will be faster and scar less. Patient can be discharged early from the hospital.

    Through this technic various surgery can be performed; for example: Appendectomy, Cholecystectomy, Hernia surgery.

  • Day Care Surgeries

    Outpatient surgery, also known as ambulatory surgery, same-day surgery, day case, or day surgery, is surgery that does not require an overnight hospital stay. The term “outpatient” arises from the fact that surgery patients may go home and do not need an overnight hospital bed. The purpose of outpatient surgery is to keep hospital costs down, as well as saving the patient time that would otherwise be wasted in the hospital.

  • Endoscopy

    Endoscopy is a diagnostic procedure used to examine a person's digestive tract. An endoscope is a flexible tube with a light and camera attached to it will be passed through the patient mouth to see the upper gastro intestinal track (oesophagus and stomach), your doctor can view pictures of your digestive tract on a color TV monitor.

    From Endoscopy doctor can see peptic ulcers, bleeding, any cancer growth can be detected. The patients who have indigestion, burning sensation in the chest and excessive burping and pain in the stomach, weight loss are the right candidates to undergo endoscopy.

  • Colonoscopy

    Colonscopy is a procedure where the patient colon(large intestine) will be seen when colonoscope is passed through the patient anal canal. Various disease of the colon can be diagnosed. The patients with the following symptoms should undergo a colonoscopy. Bleeding from the anal canal, any growth in the anal canal, weight loss, family history of cancer of the colon.

    Ideally the patients more than 50 years should undergo a screening colonoscopy.

    It’s a day care pain less procedure.

  • Gastro Clinic

    Our Gastroenterology Clinic offers comprehensive evaluation and treatment for both common and uncommon gastrointestinal diseases. These services include complete consultations, evaluation and management plans, and second opinions on all GI-related conditions.

  • Hernia Clinic

    A dedicated specialty center for Hernia repairs. We do high standard,non-recurring,cost effective hernia surgeries. We advise on various techniques of hernia repair.Our present hernia repair is a small incision,rapidly recovering,almost stitch less Surgery. We do other general surgeries also. Our general surgery is also preceded by superlative efficiency.

    We practice Hernia as a day care surgery. In the morning will operate, the same day evening patient will be discharged.

    We also do endoscopic Hernia surgery which is a painless, scar less, day care procedure. Those patients swelling in the groin and abdominal wall should come to an attention of a surgeon.

  • Bariatric Clinic

    Bariatric surgery (weight loss surgery) includes a variety of procedures performed on patient who have obesity. Weight loss is achieved by reducing the size of the stomach with a gastric band or through removal of a portion of the stomach (sleeve gastrectomy or biliopancreatic diversion with duodenal switch) or by resecting and re-routing the small intestine to a small stomach pouch (gastric bypass surgery).

  • Piles Clinic

    Piles clinic is a comprehensive clinic, where patients with piles, fissure, fistula will be examined diagnosed and counselled about various methods of treatment.

    We treat all these problem as a day care procedure and surgeries will be pain less, the patient will be discharged on the same day. We advise preventive measures and the diet for the same diseases.

  • Laparoscopy Training

    We conduct training in laparoscopic surgery and endoscopy for surgeons. Our training course is surgeon centred and is aimed at..

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  • Free Health camps

    All the doctors of our team is passionate to serve the society are highly Meritorious and inherent passion to serve the society.

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